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Show Jumping Guide to Soft Hands & Release Digital PDF

Show Jumping Guide to Soft Hands & Release Digital PDF

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Grand Prix jumpers don’t have time to set up 52 poles every day because it “looks cute” on Instagram. They stick to what works.

That's why in this complete training plan, journal and workbook all-in-one, you will find effective, simple exercises and a step-by-step curriculum to follow to help you catapult your jumping to new heights.

Inside this book you will find:

  • Step-by-step training plan and curriclum developed by the world’s only FEI II Show Jumping Coach from North America
  • 4 weeks of riding exercises which includes your warm up, jumping session and cool down
  • Structured Journal entries to document your rides
  • Progress trackers with measurable numbers to help you see your progress
  • Goal setting exercises to keep you focused and on track
  • Mindset exercises and bonus non-riding “homework” activities to help boost your riding and mental game on those rainy days you can’t make it to the barn
  • Bonus classroom theory videos you can watch alongside your main riding exercises
  • Your choice to accompany this workbook with audio lessons to get real time instruction (*optional add-on)
  • Helpful tips, comprehensive instructions, benefits, reminders and how-to’s

Plus much more! Order your copy today.

Who these books are NOT for:
❌ Riders wanting a "quick fix" and aren't interested in putting in the work and doing the exercises mapped out for them
❌ Rider's who just want 101 pointless pole or jumping exercises that look good for the 'Gram (Warning: This book is NOT about more, it's about achieving results with LESS!)
❌ Equestrians who have a negative attitude, are nay-sayers, wishy-washers, and keyboard warriors who think they already have the answers to everything (but no results to back it up)
❌ Equestrians who just want a book to sit on their shelf to add to their collection with no intention of ever implementing these methods or opening it up and filling it out!

Who these books are for:
✅ Equestrians wanting a step-by-step training plan to follow
✅ Equestrians wanting to improve their position and riding skills over jumps
✅ Jumpers looking to move up in levels
✅ Horse lovers who want to have FUN with their horse
✅ Equestrians who understand horse riding is a SPORT and are willing to put in the work!
✅ Riders who truly want to be their horse's team mate, partner and "one" with another
✅ Riders that are excited to fill in the blank pages, take advantage of ALL the exercises (mindset and non-riding exercises included!) and intend to implement these plans to the fullest!

This book is part of a series of books, however there is no particular order as each book has its own individual training plan and curriculum. Mix and match these workbooks and build your own customized training plan for the year based on your level, interests, skillset and goals!

Order your copy now!


“The writing style is terrific! Coach Kelly's style makes you feel like she's there pushing you to be great. She's tough, but also clearly completely understands (because she's been there) what you, as an equestrian are going through, and why you make the mistakes you make. She gives you a realistic program of improvement and encourages you to have the discipline to follow through.” -Amazon Review


“No more aimless riding for us. Love it!” -Nnyke from the Netherlands


“The book is thorough. It provides a framework for you to really learn what’s going on -this author is a good teacher. This book proves it.” -Amazon Review

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"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

  • Step One

    Choose Your First 30 Day Training Plan based on you and your horse's goals, challenges and interests. Don't know where to start? Start with Volume 1 Seeing Distances or our 90 Day Pre-Built Training Plan Book Bundles. (The Perfect 90 Days is a great one to start with or the Young Horse 90 Day Training Plan or Rider 90 Day Training Plans.)

  • Step Two

    Follow the book's exercises and instructions to the T! You will be provided with everything you need from weekly warm up, pole and jumping exercises as well as your cooldowns all the way to mindset & non-riding homework, journal entries, progress trackers and more.

  • Step Three

    Turn in your #homework! Every person who shops with us will have full access to our private community. Post your riding videos for the chance at getting feedback, your mindset homework for accountability or share your wins, questions and results! Our team is here to help support you on your riding journey and help you reach your riding goals.

"No more aimless riding for us!"

These training plan workbooks are designed to help you and your horse get RESULTS. Whether it be moving up in levels, winning at the competitions or having more fun and structure in your daily rides. Progress doesn't have to be slow and these books prove it!