How can I improve my jumping position? FEI II Show Jumping Coach Tells You How!

How can I improve my jumping position? FEI II Show Jumping Coach Tells You How!

How Can I Improve My Jumping Position?

Improving your jumping position is essential for both your safety and your horse’s performance. A correct jumping position allows you to maintain balance, stay in sync with your horse, and execute jumps smoothly and efficiently. Here are some tips to help you refine your jumping position and enhance your overall riding experience.

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Tip #1. Focus on Your Fundamentals
The foundation of a good jumping position starts with a strong and balanced core. This means having your legs wrapped around the belly of the horse, and a strong core and seat. Ensuring that your stirrups are the correct length is crucial. Too long, and you won't have enough stability; too short, and you might lose your balance. Most jumpers tend to have their stirrups TOO SHORT which could be affecting their balance.

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Make sure you incorporate various rider biomechanic based exercises into your warm up and cool down routine to help activate the core, center yourself over your horse's center of gravity and ride in a relaxed (non-gripping!) but active posture. 

Tip #2. Develop a Strong Core
A strong core is vital for maintaining balance and control during jumps. Engage in exercises off the horse, such as planks and abdominal crunches, to build core strength. On the horse, practice transitions and lateral work to improve your core engagement and balance.

Tip #3. Perfect Your Out of the Saddle Balance (AKA Jumping Seat)
The two-point position, or jumping seat, is essential for jumping. Practice this position at the trot and canter to develop muscle memory and ensure stability. Keep your back flat, eyes up, and hands low, following the horse's motion with a springy and active lower leg acting as shock absorbers.

Tip #4. Use Ground Poles and Small Jumps
Incorporate ground poles and small jumps into your training to practice your position without the pressure of larger jumps. Focus on maintaining your position over each obstacle, and use these exercises to develop a rhythm and get comfortable with the mechanics of jumping.

Inside each one of our Show Jumping Guide to books, you'll find the exact training plans you need to help you activate your core using key targeted rider biomechanical exercises as well as pole and jumping exercises to help you improve your position, timing and balance over bigger fences. 

Tip #5. Stay Relaxed and Flexible
Tension in your body can negatively affect your jumping position. Stay relaxed and allow your body to move fluidly with your horse. Practice deep breathing techniques and mindfulness to help manage nerves and maintain a relaxed posture.

Tip #6. Video Analysis and Feedback
Have someone video your rides so you can have a professional such as myself analyze your position. Having a professional coach who has a trained eye to view your videos can highlight areas for improvement that you might not feel in the moment. Schedule a 1:1 strategy call if you are interested in more 1:1 virtual coaching through our various Coaching Programs such as our Sticky Butt Bootcamp or our 3 Month, 6 Month and 1 Year Coaching Service. *Prices start at $2500+* Schedule your call here:

Tip #7. Practice Consistently
Like any skill, improving your jumping position requires consistent practice. Incorporate specific jumping exercises into your regular training routine. The more you practice, the more natural a good position will become.

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These resources provide comprehensive training plans, tips from top equestrians, and specific exercises designed to help you master your jumping position. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, our books offer valuable insights and practical advice to elevate your show jumping skills.

Improving your jumping position is a continuous journey. By focusing on your base of support, developing a strong core, perfecting your jumping position, using ground poles, staying relaxed, and seeking feedback, you can make significant strides in your riding abilities. Happy jumping!


By following these tips and utilizing the resources available in our guidebooks, you can enhance your jumping position and enjoy a more successful and enjoyable riding experience. Shop our various Show Jumping Guide to Books to get started on your journey to better riding today!

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