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Mastering the Art of Jumping: A Training Plan

**Mastering Show Jumping: Essential Training Exercises for Success**

Are you looking to enhance your horse jumping skills and achieve greater success in the ring?

As the only FEI II Coach from the USA, I understand the challenges and triumphs of show jumping both as a rider and high level coach. Whether you're a novice or an experienced rider, incorporating targeted horse jumping training exercises into your routine is crucial for improvement.

Here are some essential tips to help you on your journey, all of which are elaborated in our comprehensive show jumping training workbooks available on our website: 

#1. Ground Poles and Cavaletti
One of the simplest yet most effective exercises for improving your horse's rhythm, balance, and stride length is the use of ground poles and cavaletti. These low obstacles encourage your horse to think about their feet and develop better coordination. Incorporate different patterns to keep your training varied and engaging.

Most jumpers neglect the importance of poles! Even Grand Prix Show Jumpers train with poles (more often than they jump!) 

That is why polework exercises is a huge foundation inside our various workbooks such as our Show Jumping Guide to Seeing Distances training plan.

#2. Grid Work
Grid work is essential for developing your horse’s jumping technique and confidence. Set up a series of jumps with specific distances to help your horse learn to adjust their stride. This exercise helps improve both the horse’s and rider’s ability to find the right takeoff spot, crucial for consistent clear rounds.

Grids also help introduce bigger jumps to horses and riders and give riders the chance to really focus on their own balance and position since the grid sets the horse up for success on its own. 

Check out our book, Jumping Bigger, for some excellent gridwork exercises to incorporate into your next month's training plan. 

#3. Gymnastics
Gymnastic exercises are designed to improve your horse's agility, strength, and precision. By setting up combinations of fences with varying heights and distances, you can teach your horse to be quick on their feet and responsive to your aids. This builds muscle memory and enhances performance in the ring.

#4. Bending Lines
Practicing bending lines helps you and your horse learn to navigate turns and maintain balance. This exercise is particularly useful for courses with tight turns and complex paths. Focus on keeping a steady rhythm and smooth transitions between fences.

Check out our book on Bending Lines here: 

#5. Visualization and Mental Preparation
Mental preparation is just as important as physical training. Spend time visualizing your course and each jump to improve your focus and execution. This technique can help reduce anxiety and increase confidence during competitions.

That is why inside our Show Jumping Guide books you will find not only riding exercises designed to improve your jumping but also mindset exercises to do off the horse to help improve your mental game in the ring! 

By incorporating these show jumping training exercises into your routine, you can significantly improve your performance.

For a more detailed guide and structured training plans, check out our specialized workbooks at 

Our resources are designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in show jumping. Happy training!

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