Virtual Show Jumping Coaching Services

Photo: Schooling 5 year old "Zefira" at an FEI competition in Spain where Coach Krystal lives full time.

Welcome to The International Equestrian LLC where we specialize in leveraging training plans proven to move riders & horses up the levels in a systematic way to the highest levels of the sport. I have dedicated my career to coaching riders to reach their fullest potential by  implementing structure into their riding routines.
I achieve this with our various Personalized Virtual Coaching Services that Get RESULTS. With my expertise & guidance my students have achieved great success in the competition ring, even ranking #1 on the National circuit. 


Californian living in Europe

One of the BIGGEST issues with most equestrian's ability to advance and progress through the levels is due to a lack of a PLAN. 

It's not your fault!
9 out of 10 Equestrian Centers & Horse Riding "Instructors" (Watch our video here about the difference between "instructors" and coaches) don't have a step-by-step training plan to implement with their students in order to achieve consistent and predictable results.

They Google horse riding exercises off the internet, pick pretty pole exercises they found on Instagram or possibly pick up a book with horse riding exercises from their local tack shop to "test" on their clients.
But for the most part, the biggest issue in the equestrian industry is a lack of proven system and step-by-step training plan.
That's where we come in.
We do horse rider training differently. We believe in having proven systems, training plans and a routine to help move horses and our clients through the levels. That's how we've managed to help thousands of ambitious amateur equestrians around the world to do what their friends at the barn can't.
And I'm going to show you how to do it with our unique coaching intensives that leverage technology, biomechanics, mindset practices and the power of a PLAN to get you and your horse the results you crave. 
Back in 2010, I replaced poor riding instruction & a lack of systems with a simple, easy to follow plan. 

The result? I was able to work with some of the best horses in the world. Grand Prix Show Jumpers and Dressage Riders could hand me their top horses and I could ride them without embarrassing myself and looking like an idiot. 
Not only that, I could actually work the horses correctly, to the very high standards of my Olympic employers. (Something very few of their employees got the chance to do.) 

Since then, I developed my own unique rider training curriculum to help my clients around the world implement what I've learned in their own training plans.

My latest book, The Ambitious Equestrian, reveals every step of the process. If you're new to my world, this is where I recommend you start! 

I wrote this book to help you determine: "Is THE INTERNATIONAL EQUESTRIAN TRAINING METHODS right for me?"

And, if our style is a good fit for you, The Ambitious Equestrian can become your step-by-step guide to assessing your current level and mapping out how to get to the next level. That's why we've included plenty of rider assessments and workbook exercises inside our book, to help you establish exactly where you are NOW so you can plan out WHERE TO GO NEXT! 

This is the very first time I've revealed many of the methods I have used over the years to move countless horses up the show jumping levels and more specifically, to help my clients move to greater heights than they ever dreamed possible for themselves. 
It all starts with our book, The Ambitious Equestrian. Click Here to Order Your Copy. 

Looking for more 1:1 coaching and personalized feedback and training plans from Coach Krystal? Schedule a call now to see if you qualify for our virtual coaching services.