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Coach Krystal Kelly Books

Digital All 26 Books PDF Bundle

Digital All 26 Books PDF Bundle

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Enjoy Every Book in the Show Jumping Guide to Book Series! Save money when you buy all 26 books! 

"A goal without a plan is just a wish." 

All 26 Digital PDF Books:

  1. Seeing Distances
  2. Mastering Verticals
  3. Mastering Oxers
  4. Conquering Courses
  5. In & Out Combinations
  6. Bending Lines
  7. Building Topline
  8. Control & Adjustability 
  9. Rider Position
  10. A Sticky Butt
  11. Building Confidence
  12. Winning Competitions
  13. Competing Internationally
  14. Jump Off's
  15. A Steady Leg
  16. Soft Hands & Release
  17. Dressage Between the Jumps
  18. Success Mindset
  19. Rollbacks & Tight Turns
  20. Spooky Jumps
  21. Green Horse's First Course
  22. Rider Balance
  23. Jumping Bigger
  24. Developing Your "Eye"
  25. Conquering Fear
  26. Clear Rounds

Mix and match these books to plan your training plan with your horses for the next 26 months! Do the same workbook multiple times or do two different workbooks parallel with one another. The choice is yours and it's based on you and your horse's needs while adding to your library of training plans and tools to your toolbox. 

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"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

  • Step One

    Choose Your First 30 Day Training Plan based on you and your horse's goals, challenges and interests. Don't know where to start? Start with Volume 1 Seeing Distances or our 90 Day Pre-Built Training Plan Book Bundles. (The Perfect 90 Days is a great one to start with or the Young Horse 90 Day Training Plan or Rider 90 Day Training Plans.)

  • Step Two

    Follow the book's exercises and instructions to the T! You will be provided with everything you need from weekly warm up, pole and jumping exercises as well as your cooldowns all the way to mindset & non-riding homework, journal entries, progress trackers and more.

  • Step Three

    Turn in your #homework! Every person who shops with us will have full access to our private community. Post your riding videos for the chance at getting feedback, your mindset homework for accountability or share your wins, questions and results! Our team is here to help support you on your riding journey and help you reach your riding goals.

"No more aimless riding for us!"

These training plan workbooks are designed to help you and your horse get RESULTS. Whether it be moving up in levels, winning at the competitions or having more fun and structure in your daily rides. Progress doesn't have to be slow and these books prove it!