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The Ambitious Equestrian

The Ambitious Equestrian

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 What if You Could Ride Just As Good As Grand Prix Riders Without Quitting Your Day Job?

You might think in order to jumper bigger jumps all you have to do is "make the jump bigger." Or if you want to move up to a higher level dressage test, all you have to do is practice the same circle a million times until you get it "right."

That's actually a mistake.

Back in 2009, I completely rebuilt my rider foundation with easy to implement, strategic riding and training exercises.
The result? I became an Internationally recognized rider and coach, traveling the world training horses and riders in over 20+ countries how to implement these training methods.

Since then, I could ride Grand Prix Show Jumping Horses, Dressage Horses and even tackled the longest endurance race in the world -- a 10 day race across the Mongolian Steppes. (And yes, I finished!) Not only could I ride them, but I could actually
help them to improve their sport.

After moving away from old outdated training methods that just don't work, the quality of my riding, timing, coordination, effectiveness and ability to connect with any horse in any discipline has dramatically improved.

The quality of conversations between my horse and I have improved too.

I began noticing a difference in what the ambitious equestrians were able to accomplish with their horses compared to "the rest of us." I started only working with motivated and enthusiastic equestrians who wanted more from life than just "going round in circles." I began aligning myself with masters of the sport and horses who LOVE what they do and were equally ambitious in their performance and abilities.

Almost every aspect of my riding improved by following the training methods and techniques of these ambitious equestrians.

Over time, I’ve worked to perfect the process, implementing and curating a riding training curriculum to develop our horses and clients to reach for the stars and beyond.

Inside this book you will learn:

  • Why The Information You Find Online Is So Confusing and how to filter through all the noise and find the TRUTH.
  • Case-Study Examples showing you how we use this method for our clients including an in-depth look at the type of equestrians we believe The Ambitious Equestrian can help the most.
  • Self-Assessments to help you discover EXACTLY where you are in your riding level and journey so you can build a structured training plan based on you and your horse's needs.
  • How Grand Prix Trainers Produce Result After Result - in a predictable, systemized way.
  • How To Get From Point A To Point B the quickest and avoid dead ends, road blocks, wrong turns and missteps.
  • The Most Confusing Riding Advice I Ever Received: Discover the #1 life lesson I learned at age 12 that affected me in a HUGE way, and how that relates to you and your horse.
  • The Misconceptions & Myths We Believe to Be True- (what most equestrians get wrong.)
  • Breaking Bad Habits - (and why its so darn difficult to do!)
  • Why Training Plans Work and how you don't need to spend hours trying to build one yourself.

Plus much more!

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"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

  • Step One

    Choose Your First 30 Day Training Plan based on you and your horse's goals, challenges and interests. Don't know where to start? Start with Volume 1 Seeing Distances or our 90 Day Pre-Built Training Plan Book Bundles. (The Perfect 90 Days is a great one to start with or the Young Horse 90 Day Training Plan or Rider 90 Day Training Plans.)

  • Step Two

    Follow the book's exercises and instructions to the T! You will be provided with everything you need from weekly warm up, pole and jumping exercises as well as your cooldowns all the way to mindset & non-riding homework, journal entries, progress trackers and more.

  • Step Three

    Turn in your #homework! Every person who shops with us will have full access to our private community. Post your riding videos for the chance at getting feedback, your mindset homework for accountability or share your wins, questions and results! Our team is here to help support you on your riding journey and help you reach your riding goals.

"No more aimless riding for us!"

These training plan workbooks are designed to help you and your horse get RESULTS. Whether it be moving up in levels, winning at the competitions or having more fun and structure in your daily rides. Progress doesn't have to be slow and these books prove it!