Train with FEI II Coach Krystal Kelly

Coach Krystal Kelly is currently the first and only FEI II Show Jumping Coach from the USA, CAN, AUS, NZ, UK & more. Originally from California, she has worked professionally with show jumpers the past 20 years in over 20+ different countries on 5 continents. She's coached tens of thousands of equestrians around the globe both virtually and in person using her unique rider training curriculum which she developed after intensive study and working with and training with Grand Prix & Olympic horses, trainers and coaches around the world. Her training methods focus on science, biomechanics as well as structure, systems and training plans. She aims to help millions of aspiring jumpers of all levels to unlock their true potential and be able to move up the levels safely, confidently and possessing the skills needed to jump bigger and more technical courses. Coach Krystal lives in Spain where she trains her own FEI horses for international competitions at her private show jumping yard.

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Nnyke from the Netherlands

"No more aimless riding!"

Mix and match our 28 day training plans to suit you and your horses experience, level, goals, challenges and needs.

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Kim from the United Kingdom

"An amazing series of holistic guidance, tips, exercises and help for equestrians"

Turn in your homework and get feedback from a real FEI Coach! Every book includes a powerful bonus set of instructions to submit your homework and riding videos for the chance of a lifetime and valuable feedback.

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Michelle from the USA

"The results speak for themselves."

These training plan workbooks are designed to help you and your horse get RESULTS. Whether it be moving up in levels, winning at the competitions or having more fun and structure in your daily rides. Progress doesn't have to be slow and these books prove it!

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September From the USA

"A must-have for serious riders committed to growth."

Countless equestrians hit a plateau at some point in their life. It's like you feel "stuck" and no matter how many lessons you take or hours you spend in the saddle, you just can't seem to get "unstuck." These workbooks are designed to get you out of that rut, unstuck and growing your skillset as riders and trainers for your horse.

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Document Your Rides!

See Your Daily Progress

All of our workbooks and training plans come with journal entry pages as well as progress trackers so you can keep track of your progress. Check out our Rider Training Journals for extra journal entry pages for those with multiple horses or frequent riders. Put pen to paper, fill them out and document your transformation.

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  • Step One

    Choose Your First 30 Day Training Plan based on you and your horse's goals, challenges and interests. Don't know where to start? Start with Volume 1 Seeing Distances or our 90 Day Pre-Built Training Plan Book Bundles. (The Perfect 90 Days is a great one to start with or the Young Horse 90 Day Training Plan or Rider 90 Day Training Plans.)

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  • Step Two

    Follow the book's exercises and instructions to the T! You will be provided with everything you need from weekly warm up, pole and jumping exercises as well as your cooldowns all the way to mindset & non-riding homework, journal entries, progress trackers and more.

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  • Step Three

    Turn in your #homework! Every person who shops with us will have full access to our private community. Post your riding videos for the chance at getting feedback, your mindset homework for accountability or share your wins, questions and results! Our team is here to help support you on your riding journey and help you reach your riding goals.

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